Below are testimonials from satisfied customers in the Jacksonville area.

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“We just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank you LinkUp Realty! Not only did you do an amazing job working with our mortgage company to accept the short sale, but from start to finish you made the whole process virtually painless! Because of your professionalism and dedication to selling our home, we were able to make a fresh start in a new state without the stress of carrying a huge mortgage we would have been unable pay. We don’t know what we would have done without you!”

Thank you!
Wendell and Debra S

Wendell and Debra were forgiven of over $100,000 in debt, and in less than sixty days from the time it was listed with us the property closed and they were able to get a fresh start in a new area of the country.  CLICK HERE to see their short sale approval letter:


“We just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the hard work you have done for us and successfully selling 2 homes for us in a fairly short period of time.  We know you have spent a lot of time negotiating and getting approval from the 1st and 2nd lienholders of each property!  We really needed to sell these homes and doing a short sale was our best option.  You have went “above and beyond” to make this a very smooth process! Thanks again!”

Mike and Renee W.

Between two properties, Michael and Renee were forgiven of approximately $400,000 in debt, and were able to get a fresh start on their lives.  CLICK HERE to see their short sale approval letters! 


“Mike and his team did an great job on selling my property. This was a very difficult time for my family and me.  With this downturn in the economy, I was left a house and a mortgage I could not pay or afford.  Mike, you came to my rescue.  I truly appreciate your professionalism and your dedication from you and your entire team on getting this property sold quickly and NOT requiring to payback the bank almost 80k.  By you working with the bank and establishing a great relationship, I do not have any financial obligation to the bank. I believe your marketing effort provided great exposure for my property that helped expedite selling.  I  would definitely recommend using your services and expertise if any one finds them selves in this difficult situation. It was a pleasure working with and your team and keeping my spirits positive.Now I can get my life back and move forward.”

Gary R.

Gary had an investment property that could not be rented for anywhere near what his mortgage payment was, and could not cover the difference.  He was forgiven of approximately $80,000 in debt from his lender!  CLICK HERE to see his short sale approval letter!


“LinkUp Realty’s team of experts navigated the process from working with our mortgage investor to negotiate of the accepted price to the closing agent who performs the closing.  We spoke with many so called experts but Mike Linkenauger and his team was clearly the choice for us to get this process completed with least amount of stress.  Many companies call themselves expert but LinkUp Realty has the actual contacts to make a qualified judgment on your personal situation.  Thank you Mike and LinkUp Realty!”

Tom and Lisa R.

Tom and Lisa were forgiven of over $150,000 of mortgage debt.  CLICK HERE to see their short sale approval letters!


“Deciding to sell your home in today’s economy can be daunting, finding yourself in a position where you have to sell your home as a short sale verses traditional methods even more so.   LinkUp Realty was there to help walk us through the process every step of the way.  From the first meeting to the closing table they was always available to answer our questions; their responses were honest and reliable.  We had unique circumstances arise during the sale and they immediately rose to the occasion, putting up a good fight with the bank to push the sale forward.  Our house was successfully sold and we were able to move on with our lives.  We have recommended LinkUp Realty to other families due to the prompt and professional service that we received.  Thank you!”

Tabatha and James S

Tabatha and James were forgiven of over $150,000 in debt and were able to get a fresh start.  CLICK HERE to see their short sale approval letter.


As you can see, me and my team work VERY hard to compassionately guide home owners through this difficult season, while aggressively defending  them and watching out for their best interests in the transaction.  My goal is to earn your testimonial.  I hope you will consider giving me a chance.  Contact me and my team today to discuss the short sale process in detail and how we may be able to serve you.

Mike Linkenauger

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